Terms and Conditions


3.1. Customers shall purchase the Product from the MERCHANT’s website following the instructions therein.

3.2. Customers shall select 7-CONNECT as mode of payment in the Checkout

3.3. MERCHANT’s website shall send a 7-CONNECT Reference request to the 7-CONNECT Gateway

3.4. 7-CONNECT Gateway displays a confirmation page displaying the MERCHANT details, the 7-CONNECT Reference, the amount to be paid and period within which to make the payment.

3.5. Customer shall get the 7-CONNECT Reference details and will proceed to complete the transaction in the MERCHANT’s website.

3.6. MERCHANT Site shall display Order Confirmation Page.

3.7. Within the period stated, Customer shall proceed to any 7-Eleven Store, present the 7-CONNECT Reference and pay the corresponding amount to beconfirmed by the 7-Eleven Cashier/Person-in-charge.

3.8. 7-Eleven Store Cashier/Person-in-charge shall enter the 7-CONNECT Reference,confirm the amount to be paid, receive the payment and print acknowledgment receipt.

3.9. 7-CONNECT Gateway shall update and post the transaction immediately after payment to the MERCHANT’s server through the interface.


4.1. MERCHANT shall not sell or offer Product prohibited by law. MERCHANT agrees that any claims or damages incurred by PSC as a result of prohibitedtransactions, including fines and other related legal expenses, will be paid byMERCHANT.

4.2. MERCHANT shall ensure that all payments by its Customer for the Product,through 7-CONNECT in any 7-Eleven Store, shall be in Cash and in Philippine Currency (Philippine Peso).

4.3. MERCHANT shall open an account with a mutually agreed upon Depository Bank wherein PSC shall remit the Collections net of PSC commission, fees, other receivables from merchant and applicable taxes as computed in Settlement Report.

4.4. MERCHANT shall set up an interface to connect their website to 7-CONNECT Gateway to allow payments in 7-Eleven Stores. The MERCHANT shall shoulder the cost of providing the said interface, including but not limited to, cost of hardware and software development.

4.5. MERCHANT shall integrate the systems documentations to be provided by PSC to complete the interface. MERCHANT’s connection to 7-CONNECT Gateway must be in accordance with the technical specifications approved by PSC.

4.6. MERCHANT shall commit and ensure correct application of payment of Customers. MERCHANT shall shoulder the risk and legal consequences of non-delivery or erroneous delivery of the Product, non-application orerroneous application of payment.

4.7. MERCHANT shall ensure and apply all Collections in conformity with theamounts received at 7-Eleven Stores and confirmed through 7-CONNECT Gateway. If for some reason, but without fault or negligence on the part of PSC, MERCHANT terminates its agreement with its partner, supplier or client involved in a transaction already paid at a 7-Eleven Store or MERCHANT ceases to operate after payment at a 7-Eleven Store is already made, MERCHANT shall be solely liable to whosoever suffers damages.

4.8. MERCHANT shall shoulder the financial risk of error or fraud committed by its Customers, employees and suppliers. Accordingly, PSC shall not be liable for reimbursements, payment, set-off or deductions for amounts which mayhave been erroneously or fraudulently obtained by such third persons.

4.9. MERCHANT shall issue Acknowledgment Receipt to PSC within three (3) days from the end of the month covering all Collections remitted by PSC to MERCHANT in the previous month.

4.10. MERCHANT shall be responsible for reconciling the Settlement Reports submitted by PSC with its records. MERCHANT shall raise any issue, queryor dispute regarding any payment within sixty (60) days from the date ofremittance by PSC of the payment for the disputed or questioned transaction.

4.11. MERCHANT shall be responsible for setting up and operating a Help Desk that will handle all customer queries and complaints relating to the online purchase of products/services and payment via 7-CONNECT. MERCHANT should clearly indicate the contact details of the Help Desk in the website. The contact details should include the office address, email address and telephone numbers, at the minimum.

4.12. MERCHANT shall make the Customers aware of 7-CONNECT Facility by carrying 7-Eleven and/or 7-CONNECT logo within the MERCHANT website especially inthe screens where payments are prompted and processed, as well as in any of its advertisements and marketing communication materials of whatever form or medium. Only the logo of 7-Eleven and 7-CONNECT provided and approved byPSC shall be used for this purpose.

4.13. MERCHANT hereby undertakes to reimburse, upon demand, PSC for any such amount PSC may pay in settlement of a claim, in the event damages are claimed against PSC and PSC decides to settle the claim, regardless of whether judicial action was initiated or not, provided that the event whichserves as a basis of such claim was not due to the fault or negligence on thepart of PSC or its employees.