Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 7-Connect available at all 7-Eleven branches?

Yes. All 7-Eleven branches nationwide are capable of handling 7-Connect payments. When paying please mention “7-Connect”.

2. My reference number expired but I still want to pay, can you grant me an extension?

Depending on the situation, you can email us at customercare@7-eleven.com.ph for a request.

3. How do I get my voucher/product?

The delivery of your product will depend on your deal. See the full details of your deal from the merchant website you bought it from.

4. What do I need to bring to the store to pay for my transaction?

You need to remember the amount to be paid and the 12 digit reference number. (e.g. 1135-1234-5678). You can write it down or input it in a cellphone but it is recommended that you print it.

5. Is there a service charge if I pay using 7-Connect?

No. We do not include any additional charges when you use 7-Connect.

6. I lost my receipt, can I get a copy of it?

You need not worry that you will not receive your product/service if you do not have a receipt since the merchant will be able to verify your transaction and still deliver your product/service.

7. Is it possible to refund my 7-Connect transaction at 7-Eleven?

Unfortunately 7-Eleven does not give out refunds to transactions paid using 7-Connect. However, you can contact the merchant to get a refund.

8. Can I pay using credit cards, debit cards, gift certificates, etc.?

Only payments in cash are accepted for 7-Connect transactions.

9. I lost my reference number, what do I do?

Once you made an online transaction using 7-Connect, you will immediately receive an email regarding that transaction together with the reference number and the amount. If you happen to delete that email and forgot your reference number, you can visit the merchant’s website and create another transaction in which you will get a new reference number and new email.

10. I already paid, how come I still don’t have my voucher?

If you have an acknowledgement receipt from our store, it means that the payment has already been posted to the merchant. It may take the merchant time to update their transactions so it is best to wait. You may follow up from the merchant if it is taking long.

11. Will my voucher be emailed to me?

Your voucher will be available in your merchant account once you pay for it.

For other questions, you may also contact us for help.