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The photo below shows how you can present the 7-CONNECT option in the payment method of your website. Use the text “Pay at any 7-Eleven store” or “Pay at 7-Eleven” to describe the 7-Connect payment option.


Integrating your website to 7-CONNECT will require development of two points:

  1. 7-Connect Reference Request: You will need to request for a 7-CONNECT Reference which will be used by customers to pay at the store.

  2. Merchant Payment API: This URL will enable the 7-Eleven store to notify your system in realtime whenever the customer pays at the store.

You may use the following graphics to communicate to buyers that you accept 7-CONNECT. These are logos designed for use on your home page and in your checkout page. Using the 7-Eleven logo will allow your customers to easily recognize that payment can be made at any 7-Eleven store.

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7-eleven-130px130px high
7-eleven-65px65px high
7-eleven-43px43px high
7-eleven-38px38px high
7-eleven-24px24px high
The following logos are not recommended for use but will remain here as an archive.
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