7-Eleven now accepts AirAsia payments! Effective 28 February 2013, you can now book your AirAsia seats online at www.airasia.com and pay for it at any of the 832+ 7-Eleven stores nationwide!


So what are you waiting for? Book now and experience awesome convenience 24/7 brought to you by AirAsia and 7-Eleven. :)


Do you like Secure, Affordable, Reliable, Ready-to-use Innovations? Shop online at SARRI Republiq. With an array of discounts, freebies and ultimately, innovative ideas for products and services, SARRI brings your online shopping to another level.


Shop online at TCAT PHILIPPINES for fresh and exclusive stuff with awesome discounts and pay in cash using 7-CONNECT at any 7-Eleven store 24/7. Just select the 7-CONNECT payment option during checkout, write down the reference number and pay at any 7-Eleven store with no additional charges.


Offering fine living thru smart deals for consumers and merchants, DealAmigos is now part of the growing number of merchants you can pay via 7-CONNECT. Don’t have a credit card or tired of lining up at the bank. Pay using 7-CONNECT at any 7-Eleven store 24/7. Just select the 7-CONNECT payment option when purchasing a deal, write down the reference number and pay it at any 7-Eleven store with no additional charges.


The Run 800 race happening this August 26 features the use of 7-Eleven stores for registration fee payment and race kit claiming to make it convenient for runners. There are only 3 steps in the entire registration process. You may do the registration process even if you are outside Metro Manila. Just bring the race kit with you on the race day. Register now at www.run711.com. If you are a race organizer and wish to use the same system for your race, please contact us for more details. The process uses 7-CONNECT for cash payment and 7-Eleven’s daily distribution for race kit delivery. All steps may be done 24/7.


Shop for men and women’s dresses, tops, jackets, pants, shorts at ShopThisEasy.com and pay in cash at any 7-Eleven store. There is no need for a credit card to get that dress for your party. Never mind typing credit card numbers, expiry dates and billing addresses! Just write down the 7-CONNECT Reference and go the store to pay. You will be given an acknowledgement receipt and ShopThisEasy will be notified of your payment instantly. It’s that easy!

Our belief is “Looking good does not need to be expensive.” We value you and we understand what fits to your budget. As we are an online merchant, our products are always up to date and will definitely give you a Hollywood-inspired look in an instant. From buying our clothes to our accessories, you will definitely see that our prices are simply not possible anywhere else.

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Hear what customers have to say about the 7-Connect service. We’re glad to have served you!

  • It is so convenient to use because 7-11 stores are everywhere in the metro. On top of that, I can choose to pay at any time of the day, 24/7.
  • payment is open 24 hours seven days a week; 2 days leeway to pay after ordering the voucher allows me to pay at a time that is convenient to me. ; using only a reference number so i don’t have to bring the actual bill (paperless transaction); notifications via email.
  • It’s very convenient as 7-11 outlets are widely dispersed.
  • easy access, no extra charge for payment
  • convenience – easy access/ many branches/ open 24-7
  • fast, easy, convenient.
  • i like that its convenient and easier than paying at a bank. i like that i dont have to wait in long lines. =)
  • We can pay anytime of the day at any 7-Eleven outlet.
  • Convenient and Easy to transact with
  • I don’t have a credit card, so with 7-connect i can still pay my online transactions.

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You may now pay in cash for your Ensogo deals any time of the day at the 7-Eleven store nearest you. Just choose the 7-CONNECT (Pay at any 7-Eleven) option at their website. Take the 7-CONNECT Reference number and amount to any 7-Eleven store to pay in cash. There are no additional charges when you transact using the service. Ensogo gets confirmation in realtime and your voucher is sent to your Ensogo account.


Now, there is no need for a credit card to purchase amazing deals at discount prices of up to 90% off deal at CashCashPinoy. Just choose the 7-CONNECT option at the site when asked. Take the 7-CONNECT Reference number and amount to any 7-Eleven store to pay in cash. CashCashPinoy instantly gets confirmation in realtime and your voucher is sent to your inbox. The 7-CONNECT service is available 24/7.


We are pleased to announce the brand 7-CONNECT® to represent 7-Eleven’s products related to technology and services. This replaces the 7-Pay brand and will be consistent from country to country where 7-Eleven operates.  7-CONNECT® conveys our commitment to make daily life easier by providing modern convenience. All materials and documentation in this site have been updated to reflect the brand.

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